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Sponsorship requests

Thank you for considering Craftsman Collision as a potential partner.

Here’s what you need to know before requesting sponsorship support.

All requests for sponsorship are considered. Requests must be submitted in writing, email (preferred) or fax at least two months prior to the beginning of activities related to the event or project. Initial request for sponsorship must include all required details and supporting material. Including as much information/answering as many of the points as possible will assist us in making a decision.

Requests are reviewed periodically. Response time varies based on volume of requests and level of support requested. Proposals requesting a substantial financial commitment will generally take longer to review. Please take this factor into consideration when submitting your proposal to allow sufficient time for assessment prior to the sponsored event taking place.

Payment to successful applicants will be forwarded by mail after receipt of an original invoice. Invoices must be mailed to 810 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1A1.

Sponsorship Details

    Event Name
    Contact person
    Date and location of event
    Full mailing address
    Summary of event or activity
    Sponsorship / marketing options, recognition opportunities and cost
    Total Attendance
    Target Audience
    Deadline for participation
    Are we guaranteed exclusivity in our category? (automotive and/or collision repair)
    Promotion and advertising prior to event
    Media: is there any media coverage of the event? If yes, what type of media?
    How many other sponsors will there be for the project/event?


    Lead time required
    What benefits does the sponsorship offer?
    Does it help to differentiate us from the competition?
    Does it generate exposure / increase awareness?
    Does it give the opportunity to connect to the community?
    Is there a good balance between the benefits and expected costs?
    List TOTAL cost i.e., staffing hours , promo items, advertising, sponsorship cost
    Special considerations: ie: exclusivity, complements other activities, selectivity, image, long term benefit/length of exposure