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Revolutionary new stroke treatment enabled by Craftsman’s support!

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has had an amazing breakthrough in treating patients who have had a major stroke due to blood clots. Craftsman Collision has been a longtime supporter of the Heart and Stroke’s Foundation BC Chapter. Since 2007 we have contributed close to $100,000, which helps fund some of the best medical minds in the world. In fact, our support as well as the generosity of many other individuals and corporations has enabled not only this new treatment, but also many advances in imaging technology and clot-busting drugs like tPA that led researchers to this remarkable discovery.

We are thrilled to share with you that a Heart and Stroke Foundation funded research study has resulted in a revolutionary new treatment for major strokes. Thanks to new cutting-edge treatment, surgeons can now remove blood clots by inserting a thin tube into an artery and using an X-ray to guide it through the body to the brain vessels until it reaches the clot. Once the surgeons reach the clot, they can remove it with a stent, restoring blood flow to the brain. The effectiveness of this technique lies in its potent combination with innovative imaging techniques and coordinated teamwork to treat patients rapidly.

The full New England Journal of Medicine article on the trial is available here.

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