Been in an accident? Find a Location

Making the auto insurance claims process smoother and easier

Making the auto insurance claims process smoother and easier

J.D. Power offers the following tips to auto insurance customers when filing a claim.

• Call the police for any auto accident that results in more than minor damage to the vehicle (more than $500 is a suggested amount).

• Take down the names and addresses of individuals involved; the accident location; the make, model, and plate number of the vehicle(s); names and contact information of any witnesses; and make note of any injuries sustained.

• Ask the police to file an accident report, or at least an incident report, so that there is a record to provide to your insurance company.

• Always get a copy of the police report if you are involved in a multiple-vehicle accident.

• Contact your insurer or agent as soon as possible after the incident, even if the other party is at fault. This will allow your insurer to be better able to protect your interests.

• If possible, contact your insurer or agent from the location where the incident occurred.

• Take photos of damage to your vehicle using a device such as a cell phone or tablet or a regular camera.

• Keep records of all calls regarding the incident.

• If you have questions about the insurance adjustor’s appraisal, contact your insurer or agent directly. 2013-07-29


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