Been in an accident? Find a Location

Everything you wanted to know about autobody repair.

What do I do after an accident?

How do I book an appointment for an estimate and repairs?

Simply find your nearest location and phone us to book your visit.

Do I need to make an appointment first before coming down?

We prefer that all of our customers call beforehand to make an appointment anytime Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00am to 5:30pm at one of our 42 convenient locations. This will allow us to prepare and be available to you, so we can deliver a quality customer service experience.

How long will the initial estimate take?

Normally we require 20-30 minutes to do a proper estimate and to review the claims process with you.

What if my frame is damaged?

Then you came to the right place! Craftsman has the best available technology to repair both traditional frames and today’s more common unibody construction. Our shops are equipped with both the world-renowned Wedge Clamp System and the Genesis Velocity laser measurement system. Both are pinpoint-accurate for measuring deviations from manufacturers’ specifications and restoring your frame or unibody to its original dimensions.

How long will my vehicle be in for repairs?

That mainly depends on the extent of the damage and the availability of parts. The manager will be able to give you a good idea of how long your repair will take when you come in for your estimate.

Who qualifies for a replacement vehicle (courtesy car)?

Basically, everyone with a valid insurance claim and driver’s licence – and who already has collision insurance – qualifies for a replacement vehicle. Even if you don’t have collision insurance, we can probably accommodate you. Ask the manager for details.

Can other people drive the replacement vehicle besides me?

Yes, anyone who can drive your car can drive your replacement vehicle as well. Please be aware, though, that your insurance is transferred to the replacement vehicle while you are driving it; if you let someone else drive, your insurance is responsible for him or her.

What are the costs associated when using a replacement vehicle (mileage used, gas, insurance)?

Mileage is unlimited, and you only pay for gas. There are no extra or hidden charges.

Can I go to another province or the United States with a replacement vehicle?

Yes, there’s no reason why you can’t. We ask only that you let us know beforehand.

If I don’t have a credit card to secure a replacement vehicle, what do I do?

Drivers without a credit card may leave a cash deposit on the car. We will refund the deposit to you 30 days after you return the vehicle to us (to protect us against any claims or charges incurred such as parking tickets, bridge tolls, red light cameras, etc.).

What do I do if I get in an accident with your replacement vehicle?

It happens. You simply make a claim as if it’s your own vehicle. Contact your insurer to file a claim. Your vehicle insurance applies.

What do I do if the deductible has not been waived and I am not at fault?

We can proceed with the repairs and release the vehicle to you. Once your insurance company decides that you are not at fault, they will reimburse you by cheque if you pay the deductible – or if the vehicle is still being repaired, pay the deductible directly to us.

When do I pay my deductible?

You pay your deductible to us upon the satisfactory completion of your repair and receipt of your vehicle. If the deductible has not been waived, you are required to pay it and seek reimbursement from ICBC, SGI or your insurance company.

I need some repairs done but have no insurance on my vehicle. Can you pick it up and repair it before I put the insurance back onto my vehicle?

We do not repair uninsured vehicles. The minimum insurance requirement to repair your vehicle on our premises is storage insurance.

Are all the parts going to be original factory parts?

That depends on the claim. Your insurer decides whether we may use original, aftermarket or recycled parts.

Can somebody else bring the vehicle in for insurance claim-related repairs (sign and pay deductible if needed – boyfriend, dad, sister, friend)?

Yes, the person authorizing the work doesn’t have to be the person driving when the damage occurred, but the repair needs to be authorized by the registered owner or principal driver.

Wow, my freshly painted vehicle looks like new! How soon can I wash it?

You can wash it right away using only water or water and a mild kitchen detergent. But we recommend waiting one month before applying any polishes or protectors.