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AIR MILES® Reward Program FAQ’s

AIR MILES® Reward Program FAQ’s

How do I become an AIR MILES Collector?

To obtain your free AIR MILES Card, enroll online at You will receive your Collector Number immediately and you will receive your AIR MILES Card in the mail in 2 to 3 weeks.

What are Craftsman Collision’s AIR MILES offers?

Craftsman’s AIR MILES Offers are as follows:

Get 1 AIR MILES® Reward Mile for every $15 spent, excluding taxes in the same transaction on the total cost of auto body repairs and services, including insurance claims. Earn up to a maximum of 300 Miles in Alberta only.

What are Craftsman Collision’s other AIR MILES promotions?

There are a variety of promotions available all year. To learn more about our current promotions, visit where you can print off any current AIR MILES® Reward Mile Bonus Offers.

What can I use my AIR MILES® Reward Miles for?

You can use your AIR MILES Dream Miles on flights, car rentals, hotels, merchandise, entertainment, and much more. For more information about AIR MILES Rewards, visit the AIR MILES Reward Program website.

You can use your AIR MILES Cash Miles to get Free* gas, groceries, and much more. For more information about AIR MILES Rewards, visit the AIR MILES Reward Program website.

*When you use your Reward Miles at checkout.

Where else can I get AIR MILES® Reward Miles?

In addition to getting Miles for shopping at Craftsman Collision, Collectors can get AIR MILES by presenting their AIR MILES Card every time they make qualifying purchases at Participating Partners in-store or online. There are more than 120 Partners and 100 online stores through For the full Partner listing, visit the Sponsors listing page on

How can I get AIR MILES® Reward Miles faster?

Collectors have the opportunity to get AIR MILES® Reward Miles twice when they use their AIR MILES® credit card for purchases at participating AIR MILES® Partners.

Collectors will get Miles according to the Partner’s offer when they show their AIR MILES Card as well as Miles for their AIR MILES credit card purchases according to the credit card offer.

Where can I see my AIR MILES account and information on Miles I’ve collected?

You can view your AIR MILES account online by visiting the AIR MILES Reward Program website.

My AIR MILES Bonus Miles from Craftsman Collision did not appear in my account. What happened?

There can be up to a three-month lag before Miles appear in your account. If the Miles have still not appeared after 3 months, please contact Craftsman Collision’s Marketing Department at 604-904-6374 or by e-mail:

How can I obtain additional AIR MILES Cards?

To order additional or replacement Collector cards, visit the AIR MILES® Reward Program website. Supplementary AIR MILES® Cards under the same name as the Primary Collector are free.

Do I need my AIR MILES Card to get Miles?

No. In order to get AIR MILES® Reward Miles, you must either present your AIR MILES Card or provide the Collector Number to be entered at time of purchase.

Craftsman Collision is unable to award Miles on previous purchases.

Craftsman Collision AIR MILES program – Privacy related FAQs

Protecting Your Privacy at Craftsman Collision

Craftsman Collision respects the privacy of its customers and has implemented measures to protect personal information received from individuals. Craftsman Collision has contracted with the AIR MILES® Rewards Program to process and manage your personal information for specified purposes. For details please visit the AIR MILES® Rewards Program Privacy Commitment page.

Craftsman Collision uses your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To administer the AIR MILES® Reward Program;
  • To understand and analyze personal preferences based on purchase history;
  • To develop, enhance, market and/or provide products and services to meet those preferences
  • As a Collector you may receive offers from Craftsman Collision. Craftsman Collision would like to notify you of products, events and promotions that it believes may be of interest to you. You may receive your offers by regular mail, email, SMS, through the Loyalty Program Website, Apps, social media, coupons or any other digital channels used by you and Craftsman Collision.

If you would like more information about how we manage personal information or to get in touch with our Privacy Officer please contact us at